Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks!

Woot! I'm at the halfway mark! It's starting to go by pretty fast now. I'm really trying to enjoy this time. I'm obviously pregnant, but past the morning sickness, but not so big that it's difficult to get around. So here's a little update (and a pic of the baby bump!)

How does your pregnant body feel? Well...pregnant! Expanding, but good overall. Recently, I've been experiencing some digestive issues, mostly upset tummy, but I've been trying some different foods that I haven't been eating regularly, and now I remember why!

What changes have you noticed? Weight gain...and my complexion looks pretty "glowy". Ha ha!

Are you experiencing any strange cravings? Or are there some foods you can't stand any more? None of my tea tastes good any more! :-( I was having a cup of black tea in the morning. Then I was on a "pregnancy tea" kick for a little while. Then I switched to green tea, and most recently, I had red raspberry leaf tea. None of it appeals. Big bummer for me since I love drinking something hot in the morning.

Are you showing? When did your belly become obvious? Umm...the belly was pretty hard to conceal from the get-go. I started noticing changes almost right away. I'd say by 10 weeks or so, it was getting obvious.

Have you had to buy any maternity clothing? Nope. I already have a lot of stuff from the first two pregnancies. I'm still wearing "transitional pants" as long as I can (stuff I bought after my daughter was born) with a belly band. I will need to buy some new shirts since I didn't have a lot of warmer weather tops to begin with. I'm going to try to stick with larger non-maternity T-shirts so that I can still use them after the baby arrives.

How do you feel about your belly? It's sort of in an "awkward phase" right now. And of course my belly button has already decided there was no more room inside my body. There's no taming that thing. Lol!

Have you felt baby move yet? What does it feel like? I've been feeling movement off and on for a little while. Now it seems more definite. Feels like little kicks and flips.

Have you seen baby on ultrasound? What details were you able to see? How did it feel to see the little being growing in your belly? Yes, I had an ultrasound last week. We saw most everything, I made sure the tech pointed out specific stuff, just because I never have any idea what I'm looking at! It was awesome to see the little person in there. It's always cool to see the growing baby. Kind of just makes everything more real.

Have you found out the gender of you baby? What were your reasons for deciding to find out / not to find out? No. We didn't end up finding out. I was thisclose to saying "just tell me!" but I chickened out. The tech could see my uncertainty with wanting to know and she wouldn't just blurt it out. I just want a little mystery. But I have my hunches. ;-)

Have you done any preparation at home for baby's arrival? Yes. I'm hoarding baby stuff. I have a ton of clothes from my other two "babies", plus I had a neighbor offer me some no longer needed baby items. I started an Amazon registry, we only need a little bit of stuff, like diapers, a baby carrier and maybe a couple other things.

Will baby be in a separate nursery or sharing your room? Sharing our room for now. I have to get the older two out of there first or it's going to be an even tighter squeeze! Ha ha. We co-sleep, but how the older one ended back up in my room is a mystery to me. He has his own bed, and was sleeping in it before we moved (over a year ago!). We'll be getting our daughter her own bed in a few weeks. Mama needs her space! 

Twenty (or so) more weeks to go! What exciting things have been happening in your world?