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What I'm Into this Month- November 2013

Boy, has it ever been a while since I wrote one of these (or any blog post, really)! But...since I really want to start blogging again, what better way to start again than to jump right in and pretend like nothing ever happened? Ha!

November has been a good month for me. I'm feeling a pull to do more. To "get my act together" and blog, and let this voice be heard once again. Also, just an all around desire to be more intentional. With our homeschool, with homemaking, and all that stuff. We're well into the toddler stage with our youngest, and that kind of has a way of making you want to be more orderly and such. He's into SO much! But also, now that he's not a "baby" anymore and doesn't need constant attention, I feel like I have a little more room to do other things. Unless he's teething. Which he's doing a lot of right now.
(Birthday feet on their way to a mini-celebration). ;-)

I celebrated my birthday this month too, and I always begin thinking about what I want to accomplish in the coming year right around this time. It's different for me when I have an infant in the house (like I did last year at this time), I sort of feel all consumed with baby care and catching up on sleep and whatnot. You know? But now, it's a fresh new season. I'm feeling ready to jump back "in the game". Yay!

Books- Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting Seriously...if you have ever yelled at your children (and subsequently experienced the dreaded spiral of self hate and parental shame) you need this book! Parenting has a way of drumming up long forgotten hurts and forcing you to confront them (doesn't it)? I like how Dr. Laura offers real (read: practical) help and wisdom to break the cycle of anger and disconnection and correct your path right now. It's really good! (And I think I'm less than 30 pages in!) Note: while this is not a Christian book, I feel that it is in line with, giving yourself grace, and that sort of thing. I think that it really empowers a parent to overcome anger and other bad feelings as a parent and helps us to walk in love.

This month, I also finished Prayer-Saturated Kids: Equipping and Empowering Children in PrayerI love how this book shows you how to help your child become a prayer warrior. Children are so important to the work of the Kingdom- should they be relegated to "children's church" where they are babysat so their parents can receive in "big church"? The message of this book is a big "NO". Kids can pray. And they need us to pray for them, too! This book was definitely an encouragement to me as a mother and a children's ministry worker to pray for and teach my children how to pray.

Want to Read- Hmm...WELL...I still have more than 20 books on a list I wanted to read this I may just close my eyes and point...

Television- I finished all the episodes of Last Man Standing on Netflix this month. Love that show! When I first discovered it on ABC, I was so glad to find a (mostly) wholesome sitcom to watch. Then I lost track of it and I thought for sure it had been canceled. But then Netflix added it and I was excited to see the rest of season one, and then season two. I guess it's currently in season three, so it seems to be doing well.

Also, I've been watching 19 Kids and Counting, a couple episodes of Extreme Cheapskates (folks, there is a fine line between frugality and...oh em gee!), and Dirty Money (NOT family-friendly- there is some crude language and such- but such a neat show). I guess I like reality shows. Sheesh.

Films- Well, since I'm not much into watching movies these days (next month should be different with all the Christmas movies...) I'll share all the documentaries I've watched and found notable. (What? You didn't know I was nerdy like that? I so am.)

Vanishing of the Bees was really informative and kind of sad. The conclusion, I think, was that GMO crops are really hurting us (duh!)...not just by our consuming them, but by the other creatures that consume them as well.

Stuck is a documentary I watched about international adoptions. I never realized the process was so complicated and drawn out and expensive! It's so important to see a glimpse of the lives of these children (and the process to provide loving homes) so things can change!

American Teacher is another film that shows the need for change. While I think the whole school system needs changing in general, I think teachers are certainly due for some improvements to their compensation and support. This doesn't much affect us as homeschoolers, but I feel for the American teachers who spend hours and hours of their day, as well as money from their own pockets for the teaching and inspiration of America's youth and yet they struggle to have decent lives outside of the classroom. This should not be so. I don't know what the answer is, but it sure seems that we could do more for them.

In My Kitchen- A toddler! Man, that little boy is finding all kinds of stuff to explore in there! Ha ha! Pots and pans, trash cans (yuck!) and other stuff.

Oh, did you mean Oh! Well, I do have some recipes I'd like to share when I can get around to it. I think I've finally perfected my version of shepherd's pie, and there are a couple of other easy dishes that have been in heavy rotation lately. I'd really like to share those recipes too. Baby steps!

Also? I just prepared my very first Thanksgiving dinner! All by myself! I had actually never cooked a turkey before and I was a little intimidated, but thankfully I found a good method that worked out really well! (Breast side down, for those that want to know. Here's a link in case you're having turkey for Christmas- or want to save it for next year).

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month- Well...Christmas! I'm pretty excited about it this year. I'm already listening to Christmas music (some old favorites like Harry Connick Jr.and of course Christmas with the Chipmunks.I also rediscovered Jewel's Christmas albumlast good!)

I'm excited about all the coming festivities and fun things to do with the children. It's getting much more fun as they get older...have you found that to be the case as well?

What are YOU into this month? (Share your answer in the comments or feel free to share a link if you've written a "what I'm into" post or something similar!)

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