Friday, August 31, 2012

What I'm into this Month- August 2012 Edition

Oh, August! Where did you go? This month has been a fast paced month for me for sure. We started homeschooling, and in addition to all my other responsibilities, it has really kept me busy. So, I haven't had a lot of time for blogging, though I have started several posts. I hope to get around to finishing them in the coming week or so!
A play-dough fish made by my boy!

On My Nightstand- Same as last month! (Grace Based Parenting). I haven't been getting very much reading done lately. I don't know what to make of that. Definitely going to be more purposeful about reading next month! Which leads me to my next point:

Want to Read- A bunch of other titles. All these unsuspecting books I bring into the house that are promptly neglected. So much to offer, so unappreciated. I've got to do something about that.

TV Show Worth Watching- Well...I've turned into quite the lover of reality TV. Especially the ones about big families. I started watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight streaming on Netflix, and ordered the discs of 18 Kids and Counting (or is it 19 now?) I'm quite impressed at how they handle it all. I've been taking mental notes. Even though our family is not considered a "large family", I can still operate in the wisdom I take away from watching these families in action!

(And lest you think I just sit around watching television all day, I watch most of this stuff in segments when I'm feeding the baby or trying to get him down for a nap or what have you. I used to be able to use this time for reading, but this baby is SO wiggly!)

Movie I've Seen- You know, I still haven't ordered a single movie from Netflix. I keep starting them online, and then lose interest. Terrible! Ha ha! So unless you count overhearing (and catching bits and pieces of) the first two Toy Story movies in a seeming continuous loop being played in the living room, I haven't seen any movies this month.

In My Kitchen- Food. Maybe a little too much coffee (though it might be a good thing...I think this is the briefest "What I'm into this Month" post I've ever done!)

I'm starting to feel the need to begin the GAPS diet again. I hope to stay on it for more than a day and a half this time! But really, I would love to see some changes in foods I can eat while breast feeding (as in the ability to eat more without affecting my little guy). Though, of course it all goes back to gut health is what's causing the food challenges we've been having. (At least that's what I've come to believe).

Newest Blog Read- I almost thought I didn't have a new blog read this month, but then I remembered a dear friend of my husband's family (now my family, of course) Dena, has started a blog called Corkin' the Crazy. She tells the best stories! I can't wait to see what the Lord will do with her writing. Pay her a visit and welcome her to the blogging community? I know her stories will bring a smile to your face!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month- Cooler temperatures? Please? I might even take the family outside. A new month of home school (more about that in another post!) And more blogging, I hope!

What are YOU into this month? Share in the comments, or leave a link to your blog if you already shared there!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Best Prayer I've Ever Prayed for My Marriage

Long ago (okay, probably just a little more than a year ago) I found myself where many wives find themselves: with a bad case of "baby fever". We had two children at the time, and after our second, we agreed that was all we could handle. (I think we thought we really meant it, too!) But, somewhere along the line since my daughter was born almost two years prior, I felt that God changed my heart concerning our family size. I was beginning to feel like we needed to try to add one more, and of course my husband was not moved by my rationale of "I don't know why, I just think we should." (So typical!)

So, here we were in this place of disagreement. It seemed to last for a few months. I kept re-approaching the subject, to no avail. (He kept reminding me of all the reasons we thought we were done). I struggled with submitting to him, I pleaded with God to change him, or to give me some way to get my point across...something!

Finally, I had an "a-ha!" moment. I can't remember exactly how this came to me (did I read it somewhere?) but I had the notion to pray that our desires would line up with God's desires for our family.

"Lord, I ask that You would cause Your desires to become our desires, and that we would come into agreement with Your plan."

Now, if you read a few posts back, you'll know how this turned out for us (it happened pretty quickly too, I might add). I was scared to pray this way, because that meant surrendering my will and accepting God's will (okay, admittedly, in this scenario, more often than not, His plan is for growth, but still).

How would praying that prayer impact our lives in other instances?

  • A relocation
  • Finances
  • Educational choices for our children

The list could go on and on. The point is, that not only would we be in agreement with our husband, but our marriage and family would be consecrated to God! There's no way we could go wrong with that!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bottles, Barbecue, the Bookstore and Blessings

"So, I just need you to know, that when you wake up, Grammy will be here, and Mommy and Daddy are going to go out. We'll be gone for a little while, but Grammy will take care of you. Brother and Sister will be here too. Also, Mommy put some milk in something called 'a bottle' for you. It will be plenty until Mommy gets home. You'll drink it pretty much the same way your normally drink your milk...well...sort of."

He seemed to understand.

As soon as my husband got home from work, we were out the door, not sure of how much time we'd be afforded to reconnect. Not only are we celebrating six years of marriage today, but last night was the first date night we've had since late in my pregnancy. (I tried to "tough it out" til the end, but even getting in and out of the car was major drama past 36 weeks or so!) So, it was the first night out for us since our youngest blessing came on the scene. (He is two months old today!)

We decided we'd go out for a quick bite to eat, and then go from there (we needed to be able to pack up and run in case the baby just wasn't having it). Barbecue seemed simple enough and since they had their ingredients listed online (I knew what I could safely eat), that's where we ended up. Plus, they have really good iced tea. That's important! Also, I think I ate a half cup of barbecue kidding! Anyway, we finished our food, and after checking in with Grammy, my husband looked at me and said "what next?" I suggested going to browse at the bookstore (one of our go-to date night activities), so we were off to our favorite used bookstore.

We walked into the store, and it was like seeing an old friend. Except our friend had gotten a "facelift" since the last time we met. They had done some remodeling in recent months, apparently. Completely exciting. We ended up finding some old VHS movies for the kids for fifty cents a piece, and my husband hit up the clearance CD's. I also found a couple of marriage books (one of which I've been interested in reading for a while), all for really cheap. (You'll probably see us on an episode of "Hoarders" in the near future. The bookstore does that to us. Just sayin'.)

In case that wasn't enough romance (hee hee), we stopped by a local retail store for some diapers and a few "back to school" essentials. Then we just drove for a while and chatted about our future, and our hopes to be able to move into a bigger place soon. It was nice to get away and be able to talk without interruption for a while. And I realized that getting out is SO essential, not only for our marriage, but for me personally. (And all the mommies said "amen!")

To my delight, when we returned home, I learned that my little guy drank five ounces out of his bottle with no issues (my daughter never took a bottle- so I was a little nervous that he might do the same). He was asleep on Grammy's lap and the older two were excited to see us. Later that evening, my daughter looked at me and said, "I missed you, Mom!"

As we start a new year of marriage, I realize once again just how blessed we are. God is showing us great things (as always) as we continue to trust Him. That, I believe is the key to being happy and content in marriage...and really life in general: Trust Him! I know it sounds so cliche, but it's true!

So, Happy Anniversary to us! And happy two month birthday to our little guy!

What are you celebrating today?