Thanks for stopping by Happy Christian Home! My name is Becky, and this is my blog. Here, you'll find my thoughts about what I've read in the Bible, what it looks like to follow Jesus while being a stay at home wife and mom with four little ones eight and under. I homeschool, so I will talk about that too sometimes. Most people would describe me as "crunchy". I like healthy food, I like being healthy, and cultivating natural living in our home as best as I can!

I'm in no way an expert on any aspect of this life, but I have a passion for being an encouragement to other wives and moms. Actually, I first started this blog because I felt like being a stay at home mom could be really isolating- if I feel that way, there must be others who feel that way, right?

I hope this blog is helpful to you in some way. I may share the highlights, but know that beyond this online space is a real person who more than likely has dirty dishes, and probably needs to get off the computer to tend to something or someone (like now)! I invite you to grow with me!