Monday, August 1, 2011

The Banana Incident

That my son is particular about his food is an understatement. Just recently, while we were waiting for company to arrive one Saturday morning, he asked for a banana.

He loves bananas, and he's quite methodical about the way he eats them. I open it for him, peel it down slightly and he'll take a couple of bites. Then, he takes the peel off the rest of the way, and throws it in the garbage. He's really rather predictable.

So, after serving his banana to him, I went about my usual business.

Then I heard a cry. I went in to see what was the matter, and distraught, he tells me, "my banana is BROKEN!" It had broken right in half. (I guess he got a little too enthusiastic whilst peeling it).

"Oh, well that's okay. You can still eat it," I offered.

"No! It's BROKEN!" he replied, followed by a short period of wailing. "I need another one."

After attempting to explain to him that his banana was perfectly fine, and in fact, still edible, I realized there was just no reasoning with him. I reluctantly let him have a new banana.

I guess this just wasn't his morning for bananas, because moments later the scene was repeated. Ever the cool and collected mama, I shouted "no more bananas!" which was met with more wailing. "Sorry, Bud...we can't keep wasting bananas because you don't want to eat broken ones," I explained once I gathered my wits.

Thankfully, a couple of banana-incident-free days passed and one morning he asked for another banana.

Well, wonder of wonders, he managed to break yet another banana. Unbelievable! This must have been one of those things that I was made to repeat until I got it right. Why a broken banana? I may never be sure. But amazingly, I came up with a solution that pleased the four year old banana breaker.

I dug in a kitchen drawer to find a pack of rarely-used toothpicks. I stuck two picks into the bottom portion of the banana, and stuck the top portion on top of the toothpicks and presented it to my son. "Look, it's not broken any more."

"Oh!" he said, pleased with the result. He happily ate the "repaired" banana and life went on. (And he was able to eat AROUND the toothpicks with no issue for those that are wondering.)

What kind of mommy drama have you survived lately?

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