Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where Have I Been?

If you've been wondering, read on!

September was a pretty great month for me in many ways. My blog stats were at their highest, my energy was up, I was determined.

Due to a financial "scare" that had happened earlier in the month, I agreed to take a part time job at the preschool that is run by our church. It seemed like the right thing to do; my children could be with me throughout the day (more or less) and I would only work through the holidays. This was just meant to help fill in the gaps while my husband searched for other work. He was working at a job that was almost totally commission, and it just wasn't working out.

Also upcoming in October, we were gearing up to start our family on the GAPS diet that is designed to do some serious gut healing. Both my children have mild food allergies, and my son has pretty serious allergies to dogs and cats (he gets nasal symptoms, as well as hives sometimes, and exposure usually leads to coughing and wheezing for days following). I had concluded that I had been dealing with symptoms of "leaky gut" since my daughter's issues began in early infancy when she was only getting my breast-milk. So it was a good idea all around. We planned to start on October 1st.

I was scheduled to start my new job on October 3rd.

We started GAPS as planned, and day one went well. Also, on "day one", I was expecting my "monthly visitor". Day two came around, and there was still no sign. I had my husband run out for a pregnancy test. I figured since GAPS was ultra-intensive, and the introduction diet is not recommended for expectant moms, I ought to confirm or deny the presence of a growing bebe as soon as possible. Lo and behold, I received an immediate, unmistakable POSITIVE pregnancy test! 

I quickly added back foods that are allowed on the "full GAPS" diet (basically, full GAPS is no grains or starches) and for the first couple of weeks, I felt great! Then somewhere between week 5 and 6 of pregnancy, it hit! I got what was the beginning of a sinus infection, followed by irresistible cravings for FAST FOOD! Ugh! I thought for sure since I'd been eating so healthily, giving into my craving would be a shock to my system, and I would definitely regret it. Well, I ended up feeling awesome afterward! I could hardly believe it. (I guess my body needed carbs and copious amounts of sodium?) Sadly, the GAPS diet no longer appealed to me, and the thought of eating my go-to snacks like hard boiled eggs and nuts made me want to gag! I was really upset by that since I felt I had made so much progress not only with myself, but also with my two children. Plus with having a job outside the home, and being exhausted all the time, I had a hard time keeping up with all the "from scratch" meals I had to make.

Meanwhile, I had been working, and enjoying the job I was doing. I was the teacher in the infant room and had usually two, but sometimes as many as four babies to take care of. My children on the other hand, were not so glad to be there. My daughter cried and cried most of the time we were there. My son was less than enthusiastic about his classroom and dreaded going everyday (we were there 3-4 days a week). Ultimately, I shared the news of my pregnancy with the preschool director, and explained that my children were not adjusting the way I thought they would and that I could only work until the end of October. (By this point I had been experiencing all day nausea and occasional vomiting, so I didn't think that was a very good combination). She seemed to understand.

Well, thanks be to God, around that same time, my husband was offered a really great job (he wouldn't be able to start until closer to the end of the month). He also had a prospect of a second part time job that he would work in the evenings (which he ultimately got, but just later than expected). I just knew that letting my part time job go was the best thing, since now my husband would be gone from the home practically all day long, and wouldn't be able to help pick up my slack in the housework and such.

So, that was my October! After leaving the preschool job, I was so glad to be back home all day, especially since I was smack in the middle of my first trimester. I was terribly exhausted and feeling sick all the time, and got another cold about a week or two after that first one cleared up. My kids were glad too (except then, my wonderful son overcompensated by not wanting to go ANYWHERE- it was a major battle to get him to get ready for church or anyplace.)

Thankfully, these days I'm feeling much better! I'm starting to get some energy back, and beginning to cook more meals at home, and toying with the idea of getting caught up on housework. Little by little, I know things will come together. 

So, this pregnancy. We are totally excited and thrilled to be welcoming our third baby sometime in early June. We are planning a home birth, and I just had my first prenatal appointment and heard the baby's heartbeat yesterday! I'm working a definite baby bump (okay, so most of it is probably just mommy-bump for now, but I definitely look pregnant). I've outgrown my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I have several "transition" pieces from my previous two pregnancies that will work for now until I really need to be in maternity clothes. My daughter turned two in October and is still nursing, I don't know how long she will continue, but already we have dramatically reduced the number of feedings. (We are down to 1-3 times per day). It was getting really uncomfortable for me, but now it doesn't seem too bad, so I guess I will just let her continue as long as she wants (unless something changes).

I spilled the news to church people early on since I began to feel overly tired and nauseous, just so people didn't think I was a slacker! I shared the news with my family just before Thanksgiving, and the following week, we announced the news on Facebook, and now you know!

What exciting things have been happening with you?