Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blessings. (But Mostly the Other Stuff that Happened on Sunday Morning...)

The children woke easily to bribes promises of cereal bars on the way to church. The morning would be a little rushed, but we would make it on time to church. My son's clothes were laid out, all he had to do was get dressed, and put on his socks and shoes. My daughter got out of bed, and I started to get her ready. I thought I would get her dressed, and while she was putting on her socks and shoes, I would finish putting on my make up, and we'd be good to go.

"Mom...I can't find my sneakers!" called my almost 5 year old.

This is where it gets interesting. I finished getting my 2 year old dressed and sent her to put her socks and shoes on. The boy had just had his shoes the night before, and he's supposed to put them away on the changing table. Every. Single. Day. I tell him. (Okay, every single day he wears his shoes- the majority of the time we stay home, so it really isn't every day- but still...the 2 year old gets it!)

Mind you, I wasn't finished getting ready yet. I stop what I was doing, thinking they must be under the couch or one of the other usual hiding places for his shoes. He looked in all the places I told him, shoes.

After a few minutes of searching, I realize it's time to go. He's only wearing his shirt, pants and socks. Oh yeah...and it's raining. After a week straight of 83 degree highs and sunshine. Go figure.

I sent out an "SOS" text to the other teacher on the schedule in children's ministry letting her know we were now running late. A few minutes later, she responds letting me know that she had just been awakened by my text message!

Sigh. Okay.

I make a quick call to another "off duty" teacher to see if she can cover for me til I arrive. All I can say is "thank God for people I know I can always count on!" (Even if I'm not one of them!)

Finally, I give up on finding the boy's sneakers. "Get your sandals and put them on over your socks." In his room, I hand him a sandal. "Where is the other one?!" This is the part where I lost it. Just a little. I frantically search for the matching sandal for a few minutes whilst verbally expressing my frustration at his lack of diligence. (Yes, I know he's four). Finally, the other sandal is located, and I send him on his way, and get back in the bathroom to finish getting ready.

I hear him struggling in the other room to put them on his feet. Did I mention these are sandals he has basically outgrown? Yep. So with the too-snug sandals and socks finally on his feet, we make it out the door and on our way.

Miraculously, I was not a basket case by this point. God is so good. Remember the rain? It was still coming down, of course. As I drove along the wet asphalt, I realized how perfect His timing is. Earlier in the week, my husband was able to put four new tires on the van. And just yesterday? We had the majorly cracked windshield replaced. (Both things were LONG overdue by most standards). Amazing. Driving in the rain can be a tad scary in these parts, since it is such a seldom occurrence. Plus we have a lot of "winter visitors" with "questionable" driving skills around this time of year. I'm just so blessed to know that He saw ahead to supply new tires and a new windshield for a time I would definitely need them!

Oh, and the sneakers? We finally found them. After church. In the hamper.

What blessings (or obstacles!) have come your way recently?

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