Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Create a Peaceful Day


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you're stuck in a whirlwind? I know I have! With little ones around (and big ones too, I'm sure!), it's easy to start the day that way, and stay there. Here are a few tips to avoid a crazy day, and have a great day filled with peace and order instead!

    1. Get up before everyone else! This way, at least you are sure to have some time to yourself! Fix yourself a cup of tea or coffee and ease into your day instead of hitting the ground running. 
    2. Spend some time with your husband before he's off to work. Oftentimes this is the only time of the day when it's just you two, and you don't have to compete with the television or your little ones to get a word in. Better yet, have a devotional time with him. Pray for each other's day to go smoothly. If for whatever reason you can't connect with your husband over a spiritual discussion, well...just spend time with him, have that cup of coffee or breakfast together and talk about the day ahead. For many at home moms, this might be the only grown up conversation you get that day- so take advantage of it!
    3. Spend time with God! Take at least a few moments every day to read your Bible and pray. Some days it might have to be "condensed" because you hear the baby crying in the other room, but at least you had some time! Ideally it should be done at the same time and place everyday, but sometimes you just need to be flexible and take whatever time you can get. Some days that may mean praying in the shower, but that is certainly more condusive to you having tranquility in your day, than not praying at all. To make it even easier, print out a Bible reading plan like the one here and keep it in your Bible, or use a Bible plan app
    4. Plan your days ahead of time. In my house, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays mean vacuum days. Now, I'm not going to add to my stress and commit to doing it every day (though sometimes it may need it!) but at least I know that a "vacuum day" is coming up, and I don't have to think about it. Likewise, you can plan which days to do laundry and other chores. Keep a list on your computer of which tasks are done each day, that way you know that each thing will get the attention it needs...eventually. 
    5. Take a shower and get dressed- even if you aren't going anywhere and nobody (but your babies) will see you! This can be a struggle for a stay at home mom, but it really makes a big difference in your attitude and approach to your day. You will feel much better, and get that positive momentum going for your day.
Obviously, there are probably many other things you can do to add to your peace throughout the day, but this is just a start!

What do you do to create calm in your day? Share in a comment!