Friday, October 8, 2010

You're a Cheap Date! My Favorite Inexpensive Date Night Options

I'm not endorsing Sonic- eat there at your own risk! :-)

  1. Going out for coffee: My husband and I have spent many evenings just chatting over caramel macchiattos. It's so much fun just to focus on each other and talk, with no plan to go anywhere else...just be. Potential cost: $5-$10 (a little extra if you indulge in the pastries!)
  2. Browsing the Bookstore: It doesn't matter which one. We love books though our interests are pretty different. Sometimes we purchase something, sometimes not. We love finding deals on clearance! Potential cost: Free-???
  3. Staying home to play Scrabble (or watch a movie, or have nice meal together): Though my husband is ridiculously competitive and makes up words. Don't tell him I said that. My mother in law is usually gracious enough to let us drop off the children for a couple of hours. If you don't have a gracious mother in law, maybe you could swap babysitting services with a watch her little ones one Friday, and she can watch yours the next. Potential cost: Free!
  4. Going for a drive: My husband loves driving. We don't have to have a destination, we enjoy something as simple as just going and looking at homes in the area. This one is also fun during the holidays when you can drive around and look at the Christmas lights (our little ones are still too young to really care about this- but it's a fun family night option too). Potential cost: a few dollars for gas.
  5. Going to the Dollar Theater: Our local one has movie tickets for $2 I think, and all the concessions are about a dollar each (at least I think they were last time we visited!). It won't be the latest blockbuster, but it can be cheaper than buying the movie on DVD, or in some cases- renting it- it you're not a prompt movie return-er! Potential cost: $4-$10

    The point is that you made an effort to be together!  Having fun with your husband doesn't have to cost a lot (or even any) money!  

    What are some of your favorite inexpensive date nights?


  1. Great ideas! (I love the Sonic guys! lol)

    Mi Amor and I have a tradition of picking out at "search and find" book at the bookstore and going through it together. It's kinda silly, but a fun little competition on who can find things quickest.

    We also enjoy going on a walk together. Or going on a picnic.

  2. Hi Becky!
    I like all your suggestions and have done most of those! Especially the coffee shop one.
    My beefcake and I love yard saling together! Aren't you surprised?
    We give ourselves a set $ amount and he looks for guy stuff and I look for girl stuff and we enjoy spending time together in the fresh air. Then we go to our favorite bagel shop.
    It's something we have been doing nearly 20 years.
    We don't go EVERY Saturday, probably 2X a month or less.
    Hey, I have something I'd like to mail you if you email me and get me your address? :D

  3. I'll throw in a few ideas! Redbox dvd rentals are fantastic. Just $1 a night and you can return to any redbox machine. We love going on real estate walks (I'll say POTENTIALLY free since this is how we ended up buying our first home). We walk around the neighborhood and talk about the real estate and what we would do if we lived there. It's a fun way to get exercise and connect with each other.

  4. Those are all great ideas too! We will have to try them. :)

  5. Funny commercial :)

    Cheap dates are about the only dates we have (save special occasions, I guess).

    But the truth of the matter is that "cheap dates" are usually the sweetest and most memorable moments of all.

    We love bookstore dates. And staying home to play Phase 10 ... I couldn't even guess how many hours the hubby and I have played that game together. :)

    My suggestion is prob. kind of cheesy. But, occasionally I like to theme dates. Like once we watched Ratatouille together and I made ratatouille ... or watch a movie in "Spain" and make a Spanish dinner ... etc.