Saturday, March 12, 2011

Five Great Reasons to Visit Your Local Library

Do you guys remember this commercial??? Pure awesomeness! The song got stuck in my head while I was writing this! :)
  1. Free Resources- From books, to DVD's and CD's, to computer usage, most of the resources at the library are free! We have started making the library a weekly trip. We get all kinds of movies and children's books (and books for me, of course!) There is no cost involved in getting a library card- unless of course you aren't a resident of that city. Watch out for fines, though. They usually are minimal, but they can add up- especially for items like movies and music- those late fines are usually higher than books. (Some libraries raised the cost of fines to increase their revenue in the struggling economy).
  2. Children's Programs- Things like story time, and even school-readiness programs can be found in the children's area at your library. Plus many have puzzles, and other toys to engage your child. You can sit and read a book or magazine yourself while your little one is playing with the toys or perusing the children's books (just a thought). Two nearby libraries that I've visited have small semi-enclosed areas for preschoolers complete with board books, puzzles and other activities for little ones to engage in. Maybe they have something like that in your area, too!
  3. Volunteer Opportunities- Due to the economy, many libraries are desperate for help. Whether it's an hour a week, or a couple hours a month, I'm almost certain your local library can utilize your skills somehow! (Expect to be fingerprinted and background checked.)
  4. New Friends- Guess where all (okay, maybe not all- but many) of the other moms with little ones in tow go to get out of the house? You guessed it, the library! Check out story times, or if you just want to connect with grown-ups, check out a book club, or even see about forming your own if you don't find one of interest!
  5. Exposure to New Things- Just today, the children and I participated in an activity at the library that gave me some new ideas to try at home. Plus, the more I bring them to the library, the more their eyes are opened to new topics to read about. As we're walking down the aisles of books, my son says, "Mom! Look at all the books!" There are so many novel (har har) things out there that can pique their interest and get them (and you, too!) excited about learning and doing.

Have you visited your library lately?

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