Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perhaps I Should Explain

Several days ago, I started getting quite a few hits on my blog from a site called The Preacher's Wife. (If you haven't been there yet, definitely check out her site, and the blog roll!) A while back, I had signed up to be on their "Married to the Ministry" blog roll, and I would get a hit every once in a while, but now I was getting several. Curious, I clicked over.

Well, to my surprise, I was listed as a "Featured M2M {Married to the Ministry} Blog"! How cool is that?

So, I thought I should explain, especially to the ladies who are clicking over from there.

I am, in fact, "Married to the Ministry". Okay, not like, the whole thing (ha ha!) but my husband is a minister, and our church's worship leader, and and and. (Actually, his ministry schedule is not as full as it has been in the past, but he is pretty busy).

I know I don't blog much about "ministry life". We were both extremely active in ministry before we had children (we were both full-time staff members at the time). Also, before we had children, I figured I'd continue to be on staff, and continue to be heavily involved in all things church-related. Well, when I was confronted with the reality of motherhood, I had to make some adjustments! I now stay home with our children and am involved in ministry in ways that don't typically take me away from my primary ministry of wife and mother. (That's not to say that I think another wife and mom in the ministry should be a stay at home mom, and minimally involved {though in reality, I would probably encourage that!}- I know it is not "one size fits all" and God has a different assignment for everyone).

Being "married to the ministry" is not for the faint of heart. That's for sure! There can be times when it's quite trying, especially when there's conflict in the ministry, or big events or major upheavals (not that we've experienced any of that ;-D). The good news is that our church is really awesome, we have great pastors, and the people involved are all pretty busy- all seem to take ownership, so I would say the "church work" is all pretty evenly divided amongst our members. (Hence my husband is not ridiculously busy, and is able to take a break when he needs one- note that I didn't say he actually takes a break! But he could if he really wanted to!)

What is your experience in ministry? And, if you're visiting from The Preacher's Wife, feel free to introduce yourself!