Friday, May 6, 2011

Back on the Fly Lady Bandwagon

 That's right! I fell off of it. But I'm back.

Too many things were not getting done, and I was sort of drowning in my lack of routines. I had been out of the house for extended periods a couple of times over the past week, and the CHAOS became really apparent. Of course, after being out of the house, I was pretty drained and didn't have much energy to get stuff in shape, so you can imagine (but please try not to- it's not pretty!)

Have you heard of the Fly Lady? She (Marla Cilley) has a website ( as well as a book called Sink Reflections. It's been about a year since I came across her site. I found it sort of by accident, but it was life-changing! I love it when someone comes along and challenges my perspective toward housework or organization (another great book I've come across is Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern).

For people like me, for whom housework and organization seems to be this completely "mystifying" experience, women like the Fly Lady seem to just unveil the process of orderly living. (This is coming from someone who used to be sent to "clean your room" and would be discovered two hours later playing in the middle of a bigger mess- this kind of still happens for me, though I'm somewhat more disciplined these days). I so appreciate the advice of these ladies, and their step-by-step directions. It makes housework seem like not such an insurmountable task. Even if you have little ones. Even if you don't have a lot of help from others.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, I can create better habits so I can achieve more order and clarity in my world. I started last night with shining my sink. I still woke up to a counter full of dirty dishes, but my sink was shiny! That little step will start the ball rolling to even greater diligence!

Have you ever fallen into a housework slump? What has helped you recover?