Friday, December 18, 2015

Five Minute Friday- Freedom

I'm laughing to myself about how hard it was to write without a specific prompt. I tried out a few different words, but found myself really unhappy with all of them. I almost didn't participate this week, but I told myself I would do so for at least the month of December, so, here you have it. Freedom. Untamed brain. Enjoy! Hee hee. 


This week's five minute Friday was a "choose your own word" edition. Yikes! My first thought, was "that's great! So much to choose from!" But when I started to try to narrow it down from the vast sea of random words, I was intimidated. What would I writea bout?

Freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedome to do, or not do. Freedom to express yourself---or not.

What are we choosing to do? We have much more freedom than we realize. Free to respond. Free to assume something about someone. Free to fill in the blank.

Freedome to speak. Freedom to think and imagine. Freedom must be paired with discipline. We must discipline ourselves. I'm free to sleep until my children wake up in the morning, but with discipline, I actually find more freedom to create, to rest, to be.

At times, freedom can be too much. It can be too free.

And stop.

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