Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pregnancy Series Part Five: Five Ways to Bond with Your Baby While You're Pregnant

1. Write a Journal- With both of my pregnancies, I started a journal as soon as I found out I was expecting.  I wrote to them about how I discovered that I was pregnant, I wrote about the prenatal appointments, how I was feeling, and the circumstances happening at the time, and more!  I plan to give these journals to them when they're grown, and as a bonus, it will help them in a practical way when they are expecting their own children someday!

2. Read stories to baby- I loved taking that time during both of my pregnancies just to focus on them.  I actually read children's novels to both of them, as well as shorter story books. You could even read a magazine article to them if you want (hey there's no reason you shouldn't be entertained too if Cat in the Hat doesn't do it for you!) It might be easier on you to read a shorter story to your baby if this is not your first child.    I know it was definitely easier to read to my son when I was pregnant with him than with my daughter, but I still made it a point to find a way to steal a quiet moment with just me and her.

3. Read about baby's development from month-to-month or week-to week.  See my recommended reading post for some ideas.  Even if you're just reading about it online, you can get a really good idea of what your baby is doing in there!  I know I had a special feeling when I realized something specific was happening to my during the time they were probably growing hair, or fingernails or what have you.  It just makes it easier to connect with the little person growing inside of you when you know what they're up to!


4. Communicate with your baby- it is believed that around 20 weeks or so baby's hearing develops. Talk to him or her (or them!) throughout the day.  I remember talking to my son as I was on my way to my prenatal appointments.  I would ramble on and on about what music was playing, where we were driving to, etc.  But anytime I was by myself I would just describe what was happening.  This continued on of course after he was born, and he would be in the sling, and I would just tell him everything that was going on- in the grocery store, at home, or wherever. 

5. Play games with Baby-  This is obviously easier once they start to move around a lot.  With both of mine, I would play with their feet...I would press wherever I would feel movement, and they would kick again somewhere else.  And I would keep pressing my belly according to where they kicked.  One time, with my daughter, I was holding a book and momentarily rested it on my (giant) belly.  Somehow, she sensed it was there, and kicked the book off my belly!  Then I would place various object on my belly, and she would kick them off.  Okay, so that may have been more amusing to me than her, but you get the idea. 

What other ways have you found to bond with your baby during pregnancy?