Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Look Back, A Look Ahead

As we start a new month and a new year, I wanted to take a few minutes to look back at my blogging experience thus far and also look ahead at what's to come!

Last June, I started my blog, and I've been blessed to meet many new and wonderful people (you, of course!) I wrote 50 posts in that time, and here are the top 5 (based on page views):

My Mid-Year Resolution (in which I vow to overcome my fear of breastfeeding in public)

It makes me laugh (and scratch my head a little) at what has had the most page views. "My Mid-Year Resolution," I understand, because it was part of a blog carnival type thing. But the others? Well, I don't really know. So here are my top 5 personal favorites (that were fun or meaningful to me- and ones that you may have missed):

Calling Me Home (My personal story about becoming a stay at home mom)

Pregnancy Series Part 1: What Are You Thinking? (As well as the others in the pregnancy series)

I'm also happy to say that I've had 42 page views on my tab "Got Happiness?" where I share the Gospel message with readers.  (That's kind of the ultimate purpose behind my blog).  The Bible says "some plant, some water" and while I would imagine that many that have viewed that page already have a relationship with Jesus, you never know! 

Now looking ahead: I will be sitting down in the next couple of days and creating a calendar of posts I would like to do. One thing I know I will be starting is book reviews! I'm really excited about that. I love reading (though I haven't been reading nearly as much lately) and I would love to introduce you all to some great titles that are relevant to your life as a woman, wife, mother and daughter of the Lord (not necessarily in that order!) That will probably take place on a monthly basis.

Food will be the another thing that I will highlight in the new year. I will be focusing on whole foods, for the whole family, and teaching how you can break away from depending on processed foods in your family.  I'm still growing in this area too, and learning new things all the time, so this will be fun!

Now, I would like some feedback from you! As you can see in my header, the purpose of my blog is to provide "Biblical encouragement for the woman of the house...and some other useful stuff!" Are there any areas that you especially need encouragement? Maybe you need ideas to keep your home running smoothly, or maybe some Biblical insight for raising children or being the wife God created you to be??? How about the "other useful stuff" part? Is there anything you would like to learn about this year that maybe I could help with?

Let me know in the comments (or if you prefer, you can contact me by email at happychristianhome(at)gmail.com)! I'd love to hear from you! :D